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Tom Baker

Fuel Sight Tubes

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I always installed with the natural curl as well, but it just wouldn't make the radius without wanting to kink. I have tried longer as Roger suggest, but it would still kink. It has been my experience that once it pinches that there is nothing you can do to get it out. By storing it the way I have shown I am making the natural curl a smaller radius, which is less prone to kinking.

I did experiment with an airplane several years ago by installing one of these in each sight tube. http://www.univair.com/piper/piper-pa-11/view-all/u10853-000-piper-fuel-gauge-float-ball/  It worked pretty good if the tubes were installed without kinking. The ball is small enough to roll in the tube, but large enough to not pass through the fittings.

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10 hours ago, Flying Bozo said:

Simple push button LED array from Harbor Freight flashlight velcro behind sight tube. You won't have to change the sight tubes as often.



I don't think I have ever changed out a sight tube except when I was doing a 2 year wing inspection or a 5 year rubber replacement. IMO you would be foolish not to change them when the wings are off for other maintenance. With the wings removed replacing them is a quick easy job.

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4 hours ago, Roger Lee said:

I install it in its own natural curl state. 

That's the ticket!

Food Grade, of course.:D


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