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Oil overheating

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Ha ha, you really thought about this Mike!

I did find a printer like device that is meant for trimming printed media. It sells for around $140 on Amazon: Silhouette Curio Cutting Tool

But for markings for those little gauges, I'll do a full scale marking drawing in Corel Draw, print it out on white sticky back vinyl, and then trim away the excess with an exacto blade, new scissors, etc. It's gotta look neat.

Otherwise, I may just send my old CHT back to UMA, my oil temp gauge overhaul was only $50, amazing!

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I need to correct myself: Apparently the oil temp gauge and the CHT gauge do not have the same circuitry (I assumed so because they both use the same sensor).

I went to a lot of pains to remark my new oil temp gauge identically to my old CHT gauge and installed it yesterday and flew it. The new gauge never registered any heat. My overhauled oil temp gauge works fine and my temp went into about the middle of the green arc.

So, I have an ASI that I need to return to UMA, and I'll send them my old CHT for rebuild also. Some one told me that the UMA ASI is not rebuildable, but they say it is. I'll give it a shot. I installed an ASI that I bought from Aircraft Spruce and didn't realize it was calibrated in MPH! I'm sending in the old ASI to correct that issue.

My CTSW is flying so nice now. Love it. Gonna show off my latest pic in flight (not easy to take a pic with one hand, ha ha).  

3. Night flight 10-12-2018 (2).jpg

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