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Instrument Panel Light

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I installed a strip LED instrument panel lighting system last year, but it did not light up the upper portion on the gages very well. I decided to search for a red LED flashlight and a way to mount it on the upper area of the rear cabin bulkhead. Sure enough I found a really nice little flashlight and a small swivel mount to install it on. It uses (1) AA battery. It has a bright and dim power setting (as well as a flasher mode, kind of a pain, ha ha). I bought these 2 items using Amazon Prime at a total cost of about $16. Now, the amazing part, I can see the left, right, center, and lower panel with no blind spots. I flew at dusk tonight and never used my main instrument light (this is better). The little flashlight also has a focus system that goes from narrow to wide angle beam (pretty much the full beam is needed. The flashlight comes with a pocket clip which has a lightening hole. The threaded post on the swivel mount (1/4-20 threads) fit thru that clip and I installed a 1/4-20 jam nut behind the clip. I tried installing the swivel mount with double sided tape, but it didn't hold. If you use short #6 sheet metal screws like I did, BE CAREFULL, THERE IS STUFF BEHIND THE BULKHEAD!!!

New Instrument light 2.jpg

New Instrument light.jpg

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I found a 96% efficient 12vdc to 1.5vdc Buck Volt Converter (new name to me, ha ha) and decided to buy it. I will fabricate a "dummy battery" with 2 wire leads so that I can power the flash light with the main aircraft power source. I'll add a switch somewhere on the instrument panel or near the light. I have 2 circuit breakers for internal lighting and now I will use both: One says Cabin Light and the other says Instrument panel light. So, I will use both of those circuit breakers and make all my marking agree. The new "Cabin Light" works so well, I will never use the Instrument panel light, that's just my redundancy (+ I always carry a $1 Walmart LED flashlight, ha ha). Posting a pictures of the Converter. Not sure where I will mount it, probably on the rear of the instrument panel. The wire will route thru the center console, up the back of the cabin rear bulkhead. Patent pending, ha ha! 

12vdc to 1.5 vdc converter.jpg

Mounting hardware and heat sink for 12vdc to 1.5vdc converter.jpg

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