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Wind speed arrow and stall warning

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Two questions I have, maybe you can help.

Two different planes but same avionics in both.

I used to have a wind speed arrow that was on the D120. Somebody messed around and now it is gone. I was told this was controlled by the D100. I have searched in both the D100 and D120 trying to find it without success. Anyone know how to do it?

The next one is the stall horn setting. It goes off on one of the planes on take off and way too soon on landing. We don't use this plane for check rides because the examiner would hear it and it is just too soon. Can't find that setting either.



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Wind speed arrow is calculated on the D100 and uses a combination of heading, IAS, and GPS track. If you do not see a windspeed arrow, see if you are getting GPS source data. More than likely that's the problem as that wire is fragile.

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