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uAvionix skyBeacon for ADS-B Out

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I have a CTLS, with twin Dynon Skyviews with hidden (built-in) Transponder functionality.

QUESTION: What is the factory approving for "ADS-B" Out compliance?

Is the uAvionix skyBeacon being used by anyone? Is it compatible with Dynon Skyview?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.





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I just installed the Dynon SV GPS 2020 antenna on our plane and now I'm ADSB in and out compliant.  It only costs $570.   If you have the Dynon 261 Transponder, Dynon 470 (or 472) ADSB receiver and the Dynon SV GPS 250 antenna, its an easy swap.  Just remove the 250 and install the new 2020.  Splice 4 wires and the new 2020 installs in with the same 4 screws.  Change a few settings in the setup screen and that's it.   But...don't expect to get the FAA $500 rebate if only installing the 2020 antenna.  I just got denied the rebate from them. 

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