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First Passenger... new pilot, new plane

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We had a "good day" window here in Connecticut between snow storms.  I felt confident enough to take my 20 yo son up to the famous Sky Acres airport restaurant in NY State (44N) as my first pasenger .  Sky Acres is a 70 ish mile trip from home.  My in-shape son and his out of shape Dad filled the tanks up to 1,250 GW... the most weight I had experienced in the CT before without a CFI.  We still climbed out at an honest 800 fpm and I wasn't trying.  It was a bit breezy, mostly just a glancing cross wind down the runway so I decided to land at zero flaps.  Final was too fast because I came in too high but managed to get it on the ground in time for the first turn off.  Had a great breakfast and quickly got back in the plane for the flight back as the clouds on the horizon looked a tad on the dark side...

Getting licensed again and buying the plane were fun... but there is nothing in this world more awesome than taking a family member up flying to "get breakfast".  A milestone I have been dreaming about for years... I admire the young pilot/Dads and Moms who are taking their young children on flying adventures... nothing beats it. 

Fly safely everyone, Andrew


JG and AG first passenger.jpg

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