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Anyone have a CT here in Utah?

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Hey guys,

Been a long time lurker of this forum, and I’m currently at the pre-buy inspection stage with a really nice CTSW (Dual Dynon and it seems well taken care of). I had a chance to do an hour demo flight in the plane and just got back from an extra 1.5 hrs transition training. I have time in a J3 cub and it reminds me a lot of that airplane, with more gadgets and a tri gear.

The only thing that bummed me out is that while I got some transition training, and about 5 workable landings in, the second flight was cancelled because of 15G20 winds, right down the runway (I don’t blame him but I feel I missed out on an experience). On the preflight, The CFI didn’t know where to drain the fuel, didn’t know the v speeds, didn’t want to pull the BRS pin, kept pushing me to climb at best angle rather than best rate, and then complained it wouldn’t climb fast enough. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and a great CFI in other aircraft but I don’t want to repeat this experience.

Ideally, I’d like to meet up with a CFI, but I’d really be grateful to go up with someone who owns and cares for their airplane.



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Hi Andreas,

Sure hope you find someone to fly with. I’d love to, but I’m a ways away from you (New York).

Two things you might want to pass on to any instructor you fly with:

Flight Training Supplement:


Aircraft Operating Instructions:


Great reading. Don’t give up, it’s an amazing airplane with fantastic performance and efficiency. 


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