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Kannad ELT Battery Replacement

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I noticed that the battery in my Kannad ELT has expired.  While the ELT was checked at my annual last summer, I wasn't aware that the battery would expire during the year.

I went on Kannad's web site and from there was linked to Aircraft Spruce to purchase a replacement battery ($300+).  When it arrived, there were lots of small parts with the battery, and no instructions.  Upon Googling it, it said that the replacement needs to be carried out by a Part 145 or FAR 145 (or equivalent) maintenance station.  I contacted a local A&P on the field, and he said that upon checking the Kannad SB, it has to be done by an authorized Kannad shop.

I'm not sure how to proceed.  I plan to try to contact Kannad tomorrow, but does anyone have any advice?  I'm frustrated with Kannad, as their web site referred me to Aircraft Spruce to purchase the battery, without anything about the restrictions on installing it.

I'd appreciate any advice on this.


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Dear Andy,

I'm Christelle, from Kannad Customer Support.

Do not hesitate to contact us on this subject at the following address: support.sar@orolia.com
We will try to find a solution to your issue.


Product Support Engineer
Kannad Aviation and Marine System

Service Client Orolia SAS / Orolia SAS Customer Service
Tel          +33 2 97 02 49 00
Email      support.sar@orolia.com
Web       www.orolia.com

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