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Roger Lee

Spot has initiated over 1000 rescues in the last 3 years in 51 countries.

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Just some info I got from the Spot folks. FYI stuff.


Spot has initiated over 1000 rescues in the last3 years in 51 countries.


Spot Hug - Spot Hug has been on the market now for a couple ofmonths. It was designed for the marine market, but is starting to getattention in the powersports and RV market as well. Spot Hug is aasset tracking / security device that also offers full Spot functionalitysending OK, Help & 911 messages while also being able to notify you in thecase of a sensor alert or unauthorized movement of your asset. http://findmespot.co...dex.php?cid=113


Spot Connect - (Available March 2011) The 2011 CES award winning Spot Connect turns your Smartphoneinto a satellite communicator. By downloading an app and syncing yoursmartphone via Bluetooth to the Spot Connect device, you will have the ability to send textmessages (41 Character in length) from your Smartphone without cell phone service. As well as all the Spotfunctionality including 14 preprogrammed messages, and SOS. Once shipped, SpotConnect will work with Android and iphones OS platforms. We expect to have Blackberry &Windows phone on board Summer 2011. http://findmespot.co...dex.php?cid=116, http://findmespot.co...-room&Itemid=45


National Promotions - Spot will have two national promotions thisSummer as well as a Holiday offer. Spot will be offering a $50 consumer rebateon Spot 2 from May 1st - July 31st. Spot Connect will have a Free 100text message bundle from June 1st - August 31st. This bundle is a $30value. Holiday offer - Our Holiday offer will be announced in thenext 30 - 45 days.

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Wow... these, especially the SPOT CONNECT, should be popular with the flying crowd. Essentially it does all the SPOT does, plus the ability to send individual text messages and emails. I see you have to pay extra for the individual messages, though. But, hey, short of having a satellite phone, or a working cell-phone, this would be great.

Hey Ed, here it is.... hybrid cell/satellite phone !!

Of course, it's SEND ONLY. And you'll need to keep the cell phone charged and working... something that's hard to do with some of these smart phones.


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