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Ben Reese

Wanted CTSW Elevator and Lower Fin

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Have 2006 CTSW, need Elevator and Vertical Stabilizer with trim tab full length or later one.

Also need a Lower Fin under tail section.

May need other parts also?

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Sadly I have a few times, no prices have yet to be presented.

They always seem to be busy and tell me they will get quotes back to me.

One of the times I called, they were moving to high ground during a flood this summer.

I am not complaining but I did tell Tom I was looking for other options,

to find these parts since I have tried to get prices from him a few times.

My last attempt was just before I posted this thread..

I have called 4 times since May, spoke to people each time including Tom twice.

I have replied to Barnstormers add and provided all my contact info and requested parts.

Tom called me and told me he got my reply to his add and would get back to me with price info.

I am now considering going ELSA to solve future issues.

Other owners have told me this is a good option.

Any comments on going E-LSA would be appreciated.

I own other aircraft and have built airplanes before.


As for now, happy to buy parts wherever I can find them.


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Found this online.


This is 2007 CTSW.  Looks like it still has vertical fin with rudder and the horizontal is off plane lying on ground behind CT.  If above link doesn't work, the webpage shows  sky4buy.com  as a contact for this.

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Thanks guys for your help..

I finally got a response from Tom’s place and a quote for $10k.

Offers some discounts brings total to $6837 add shipping..

Hope to find more reasonable price on parts..

Still looking.


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Back to looking for an Elevator and lower fin.

Elevator and trim tab is most important..  

Lower fin is airworthy just a few wrinkles in it.

Does anyone know where an elevator and trim tab can be found.

Buying a whole airplane for that is off the table, but thanks.

Found a guy who had 2 but I lost track of him?

Call or text me 775-546-3139


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