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Pushing Foreflight to Dynon Skyview Help Needed!

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So for the first time yesterday I pushed a Flight Plan from foreflight to my 2012 CTLSi's Skyviews that was NOT A DIRECT flight path. What I did was plan out:

KLPR > KLNN since this put me directly through Cleveland's Bravo airspace I opted to use my finger and drag the flight path around a bit to keep myself in the 3000-8000ft limits so that I did not have to mess with any clearances. Now when flying and looking at my Skyview screen I notice three little heading bugs almost on the heading indicator. I also see on the right side

GPS 1 in blue
0.0 Nm  (not the correct distances just wanted you guys to know what I was referring to without a photo)

and then Skyview in Purple
0.0 Nm (not the correct distances just wanted you guys to know what I was referring to without a photo)

It appears that GPS 1 will take my course from my Garmin 796 Aera and show me the destination and distance under that section. 

In the past under Skyview it would always show my pushed foreflight information. I noticed this time like I said without being direct it would no longer show me any distances. I also could not find which heading line to line up with to match the pushed flight plan.

I looked in my manual and am lost, can anyone enlighten me?

Thanks guys.

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