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SL30 'COM FAILURE' ... Serial Connection Issue?

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As a new plane CT owner, I feel a little hesitant but lets try this. Btw this is a repost of what I originally thought was an HS34 problem ... turns out it may not.

So here is the situation, I get a 'COM FAILURE' on my Garmin SL30 but only when connected to the HS34. Saw this post http://www.vansairforce.com/community/showthread.php?t=82204 which lends me to believe there is a problem with the serial connection from the SL30 to the HS34. To me, taking the HS34 seems like a really bad answer because I loose tons of functionality.

So here are my questions ...

  • Anybody else has seen this error on their SL30?
  • Shall I really just try to re-seat the SL30?
  • From which side do you get behind the center panel, take out the EFIS or EMS?

Thanks for your help to these newbie questions,

Robert aka TheFrisco

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The easiest would be to try to re-rack both units.  The SL30 should have a very small allen screw that can be screwed out, and that will slide it about 3/4 of an inch out of the rack, and then it can be pulled out.  I am not sure about the HS34.  I once solved an intermittent issue with an SL40 simply by re-racking it.  Probably not the issue, but it is probably the easiest thing to try and only takes a few minutes.

If there is a local avionics shop, see if they can benchtest just the power of the nav/com radio to see if it does the same thing.  They would only have to apply power to via a couple of wires.  Leave it on a few minutes and see if it gives the same error.  That would let you know if it is the SL30, or a wiring or issue with the HS34.  Wish I could be of more help.

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I had this exact message when I accidentally nicked my com power cable while messing around the panel - had to resolder it to fix it.

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