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DJ Todd B

I am Upset with ICOM's lack of responsibility for ruining this handheld radio I purchased

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I purchased an older, out of date Icom IC-A4 the other day that was in perfect working order.  Since it was from another area, I read the owners manual to see how to change the frequencies and in the manual it explained how to clear the memory to start over.  What they DIDN'T say was that if you do that, the unit will be permanently stuck on 118.00 mhz unless you have the program and cables they ONCE supplied and no longer have, to reprogram it.  THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN STATED IN THEIR LITERATURE BEFORE I CLEARED THE MEMORY.  I have asked them to either find out where I can have this done OR Replace this unit with something else as a result of THEIR misleading, self destructing instructions and they say they can't and won't help me.  Un-Freaking believable!  A BIG company like that setting me up to render the unit useless as per their instructions and saying... "Sorry, we can't and won't help you".  Just thought I would share this with everyone as a Heads Up if you need to deal with ICOM in the future, you may want to try another option which may or may not be better. 

That said, does anyone happen to have this old software and cable for the IC-A4 that I could use?


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