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Panel Update

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4 hours ago, GrassStripFlyBoy said:

One more piece of the panel complete, the others are fabricated / painted, and just a bit more laser work and will be enjoying the new look!


This is just awesome! Let me know when we can start buying them!

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Will have the whole panel done tonight, weather turned crappy so I banged out the center radio stack, and the last of items I had to order arrived yesterday.  Wait to you see the whole thing.  And then I'll be at the point of perhaps making some of these for others, including the fuel plaques as well.  

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Buttoned it up, to highlight some details:

Using new N #, paperwork arrived but have yet to do that, Michigan is opening back up, will visit FSDO next week and swap the graphics on fuselage.

Placed Vfe speeds as flags on the airspeed indicator, have these memorized but visually helps.

Removed Garmin Aera 500, between GRT and iPad, the Garmin was essentially obsolete.  Plan to use Ram mount here for my cell phone, maybe the iPad Mini but I still prefer that upper location.  Having real estate to work with is a luxury in these panels.  Room for future needs.

Added an additional 2.25" instrument hole, had the space, thinking an MGL 4 probe EGT, or keeping options open on autopilot if I was not to use the GRT for that.

Not shown is I'm mounting Stratux with dedicated powered mini usb feed on the firewall above my foot pedals, with remote antennas.  Essentially making a portable unit a panel mount system, remote behind the scenes.  No more battery powered and sticking to window.

On vacation next week, I'm going to put a many hours on this as I can.  Perhaps a one night trip to Florida - why not!






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