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Knocking noise in the fuel tank

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Hello, CT Flier Forum members.

Recently I have purchased CTLSi (Infinity model) plane 2013. 550 hours only.

A few days ago I have noticed a strange knocking noise inside the right wing (when you look at the propeller from outside).

When the fuel tank is 101% full the noise disappears! But when the tank is 75% full and less, the noise is clearly noticeable.

The knocking noise ALWAYS appears when I push the wing. Even when I push softly and gently the wing with my finger these knocks appear.

I have recorded two small videos, please have a look.

Video 1


Video 2


Any ideas are very very welcome!

Thanks a lot,


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I can't say definitively, but it could be the baffle that is installed to prevent fuel from flowing outboard of the wing.  Given the longish wings with virtually no dihedral, FD started installing baffles with a flapper valve to limit fuel from moving to the outside of the tank and unporting the fuel pickup , to prevent accidental fuel starvation.



Look at the post by Tom on page 3.  There are some other good posts in that topic as well that explains it to.

Can't say for sure, but that is my 2 cents.

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