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4th of July -- St. Simons Island

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On the 4th I went to St. Simons Island (KSSI) on the Georgia Coast for lunch with my buddy.  I flew the CT of course, he flew his Waiex (Y-tailed Sonex), N111KX.  We had a great time, weather was fantastic but hot (90°F+) and a little bumpy on the way home.  Below is the landing video at KSSI, with a couple points:

1) We flew a really big pattern and a long final, so we could get a look at the big object you'll see in the water.  It's a giant ship that got it's CG too high and rolled over on its side, dumping 4000 new cars into the water!  The thing is massive, probably a billion dollar headache for some insurance adjuster...

2) My approach is a little different from my norm.  I left the flaps at 15° and came in at fairly low speed and with power.  You'll hear the reason why on the radio; a Citation jet departed right before my landing, and I wanted to precisely control my sink & touchdown and exactly hit the numbers to avoid his wake turbulence.  It worked out as planned.


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19 minutes ago, Mike Koerner said:


Nice video.

The Golden Ray is not a container ship. It a RORO (Roll On Roll Off)... a car carrier; carring cars, as you point out, not containers.

Mike Koerner

Ah, thanks for the clarification.  I only know what I heard second-hand, I didn't do any research on it.

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