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4.00-4 Nose Tire

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Posting this for a more recent status of small (non-Tundra) 4" nose tire options.  Have found many of the past posts have links to web pages no longer active, and perhaps some product / stock changes as well.  

Dresser - The search function on site does not show a size of 4.00-4 as selectable, here's what they emailed back, note this is only a 2 groove and 8 Ply from Aero Classic, this is found at Spruce and likely many other sources with Aero Classic being a popular brand:  


Specialty Tire has what looks to be a nice option & price, currently out of stock.  Inquired and was answered with an entirely wrong size in reply, asked again and crickets.


Wings & Wheels (Also has the same Aero Classic available here too)


I ended up ordering the Tost Aero and a couple tubes from Wings & Wheels, being on turf I did not want to give up grooves going to Aero Classic, if I was entirely on paved runways then Aero Classic may have been the choice.

Also as a curious topic, my CT currently has a Kenda K301W-KS-002 tire on nose, I tried a pile of searches and no dice.  The Kenda site shows K301 as a turf tire series but not finding anything close to a 4.00-4 size offered, maybe it went obsolete.

My nose wheel is getting a bit thin, will keep it for carrying as the spare instead of running it to death.

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