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Forum was upgraded

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The forum was upgraded last night... the first upgrade since starting CTFlier. We don't expect any problems, but you never know. We purposely have skipped over several minor updates, since everything appeared to be running great, and nobody has reported any problems. We finally decided to upgrade after the current version had been around a while and was very stable.


So, you might notice a few changes. For one, you should be able to post/edit from an iPad or iPhone. You won't see some of the changes, but they help make the board more stable and secure, and prevent spam attacks.


The Admins

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Always could post from my iPad but can't use the Rich Text Editor. This is not a function of the board but a short coming of the iPad's version of Safari. There is a specific property that the browser does not implement.


Good news on the upgrade is that I don't have to login each time I visit from the iPad.

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