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Pitch Servo Mount

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Here's what I'm doing for an alternate means of mounting the pitch servo in a SW.  Over the last week I designed / built / physically tested / redesigned several iterations of this and at point of completion though I've yet to do any work in the CT itself.  I can't bring myself to drilling holes in the external fuselage, and in studying the seat mount floor structure find it is both thicker, and already reinforced in construction.  If the seat tracks can be through bolted to this structure with 5mm screw, it surely is up to securing a servo, here's the design:


Seat structure has reinforcement running across this location, will through bolt in same manner as seat tracks.


Located in place:


The height above surface is .75", still allows for seat to travel to full rear adjustment but I run seat full forward so not even close to the adjustment cable, and several inches clear from bottom of seat pan in all conditions.  Made from 6061-T6 in 0.063 thickness, the first concept was essentially the same but without the 0.063 angle doublers (those are 2024).  Force tested it to a couple hundred pounds and saw a bit of deflection - probably would have been entirely fine in application but made another with added angles, this is a tank but weighs in at 9oz - probably only a few more than if this was all Trutrak hardware.

I also went with acrylic guard for the servo arm so visual inspection on a preflight is easy. The servo itself resides in the same location as Trutrak mount, same geometry and hardware for tying into control stick.  The bottom surface is about 1/8" above the floor of fuselage, all cantilevered off the seat structure.


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With the plastic guard, and 4x bolts to secure in place, it will be a bit over 10 ounces.  This is probably double what the Trutrak mount weighs in at, but for what it is design wise - and to not have to do any cutting in airframe / composite work, and keep the outside of airplane clean - well worth it to me.

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