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Cross Country Equipment

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What tools, spares etc do folks take on longer multi-day flights?

Also, anyone have a recommendation on a folding bike or electric scooter that would fit with the front set removed? 2006 CTSW.


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If you have a tire with an uncommon tube size, like the 4.00-6, take one with you. Bring a 6.00-6 if it's the weekend. Just the tubes. If you ruin a tire, that's on you.

Bring a simple little pump too with a gauge. A compact, non motorized small throw pump. Yeah, you'll spend a while pumping up the tire, but this is for emergencies, not a daily driver.

A couple of crescent wrenches so you don't have to bring a ton of different sized wrenches.

Allen key wrenches, only the sizes appropriate for your wheels.

A 4 in 1 screwdriver.

A bottle of oil and a way to pour it in cleanly.

A small emergency medical kit.


That's basically all you need. Flat tires are common enough that you would want to prepare for them, especially with 4.00-6 tubes because that's a super odd size. This will get you home where you can PROPERLY torque everything.

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