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  3. Also Dynamic balancing the Prop, if it has never been done it makes a difference.
  4. Thanks. I'll keep my eye open. I'm expecting an answer Monday on another possibility.
  5. There is one in New Mexico that may be parted out in the very near future - only crashed once. 😉
  6. It's either water under a hose clamp. Move compression clamps up to, but not over the metal flared fitting underneath. This adds extra pressure at that point and it won't leak. The other spot is where the 90 degree fitting screws into the flange on the top of each cylinder. Either way the airflow through the engine blows these off and drys them up. After landing stay around a while and pop the top cowl off and watch closely. The other places are the two 17mm hoses under each cylinder. Make sure these clamps are up to the metal flare underneath, but not on top or past it.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Hi Jim. There was a case recently here in Ireland. A Tecknam arrived in a Field in Waterford with Engine failure. The hose clamp on Number 3 was not clamped all the way up onto metal and was leaking un-noticed. The Hose did nor blow off in flight as the filler cap was not holding pressure resulting in the coolant expanding out to the bottle during flight and the next Pilot topping it up eventually There was enough of a leak to be pulled into the Carb........... http://www.aaiu.ie/sites/default/files/report-attachments/REPORT 2020-005_0.pdf Best to read the report..... maybe its your Filler Cap...... I'm not a mechanic..... T
  9. I do the same, but with the bolts installed from behind and the nuts towards the engine access to the nuts for torqueing is not ideal.
  10. I'll have to pay more attention next time. All I remember was seeing it pegged at 1000FPM.
  11. My Rotax 912 ULS (2011 CTLS) is losing coolant, but it is not leaking out on the floor and none shows up on the inside of the cowling or on the firewall. ??? I have refilled the reservoir twice in the past month (approximately 20 hours of flying).
  12. Looking for used door handle for FD CTSW in good condition. Both sides identical as far as I can tell. Knob not needed.
  13. My Dynon reads more than 1000fpm. That was probably all if it read 1000fpm.
  14. The leaf springs are glider parts. I don't' know about the block and coil springs. Can you change to the leaf type? https://wingsandwheels.com/aircraft-parts/canopies.html Otherwise call Tom Gutman, Jr at Airtime Aviation and see if he has any used one.
  15. Kathryn's Report has a suitably juicy entry. http://www.kathrynsreport.com/2021/05/cirrus-sr22-gts-g5-carbon-n416dj-and.html
  16. Thats how my scenario is. My home airport is the headquarters for flex jet so we've got a giant runway and tons of ramp space that heats up quick. I guess I'll just have to get more used to it. If they dynon could read more then 1,000FPM I think I would have seen more! I've never felt such a rush in my life it was like a reverse rollercoaster. Are there any particular dangers in these situations? I felt like the updraft was so much it was going to rip a wing off.
  17. Mine has coils and does not like the above one. Maybe I just need stronger coils/springs between the window and the rail.
  18. I assume the attached photo is that off a leaf spring (mecaplex window). I have the blocks and little coil springs. I'll see if I can find out who makes the window.
  19. I always change the engine mounts when I do a hose change. The engine is out and the mounts and bolts are easily accessible to install and torque.
  20. Ah...only listened once while doing work tasks, missed that. The radar track looks like he crosses both centerlines perpendicularly. Even if he was turning out on 17L it looks like he was way overshooting the turn. Just kind of a strange accident.
  21. There you go. I remember Roger saying he ask Flight Design. Like I said, because of the design once you are tight on the bushing it really doesn't make much difference. Besides torque should really be set on the nut, not the head of the bolt. That makes these difficult to torque properly.
  22. At about :50 in the video you posted the Cirrus call traffic in sight, and tower tells him to follow the traffic, cleared to land.
  23. I heard the Cessna cleared to land 17R but not the Cirrus.
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