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  1. CTDan

    2007 ctsw

    @4RJN Id be happy to speak with you about my experience. I responded to your message with my phone number & a short description of my painful purchase. Dan
  2. Thank you for the link... it looks like there are a couple of different sizes available. I’ll contact them when I get back in town to see what they suggest. Dan
  3. I’m not sure, but I’d speculate that they were overtightened to try to fix the issue Tom mentioned. The bottom is broken off on one side of the pilot side... I’m pretty sure I must have done it while flying with a heavier coat on. It was one of the rails missing the bottom screw, so it would have been easy to do.
  4. Bumping an old thread here... My 2006 has photography windows on both sides & the rails are in bad shape. Can anyone suggest where I can buy new rails?
  5. Thank you Tom, I am assuming that was meant for me, ... What would it take to extend it, and do you think it would add any value to my plane since it's timed out anyway?
  6. I have air blowing through the throttle & trim wheel slots too... I have been throwing a micro fiber towel over them because I can’t think of a better way to seal them up & still allow movement of the controls... any suggestions?
  7. I’ve searched pretty hard & can’t seem to find information about how to tell which engine I have. Can someone tell me what the first serial number was for the 2000 hour TBO engines?
  8. My 2006 just came out of Tom Bakers shop getting everything up to snuff. I’m confident it’s in top notch condition at this point. It has about 470 tt Hobbs. It has two issues.... 1) the 15 year old engine that some claim is drop dead & some say fly it on condition. 2) the chute (not rocket) is due in June. Im probably buried in the plane. I have 65k In it & go back & forth between buying something IFR capable & keeping this so that I keep flying Inexpensive. Thanks Dan
  9. Against my (and a few of you on this forum) better judgement, I bought a 2006 CTSW in Oct. The ad claimed 335 hours (give or take), and not a lot of other info except that the rocket had been replaced & the chute would be due at the next annual. There were only a couple of (blurry) pictures of the plane. More red flags: I asked for more pics, but no close ups were provided, but the seller claimed “like new”. I asked for a full copy of the logbooks & he claimed he was too old to figure out how to send them. I asked about a pre-purchase, & he said he wouldn’t allow the plane to leave the airport. I used a (very fairly written), contract that I used when I sold my last plane & he had several complaints about it. He changed the contract without redlining it, so finding the changes was a PITA! For some dumb reason, I still hopped on a commercial & went to buy the plane. When I arrived, The plane was dirty. There were paint imperfections in numerous places.... no real damage, but not “like new”. The battery was dead & the plane wouldn’t start. The logbooks were hand written & barely legible. The Hobbs meter showed 435 (ish) hours. The pictures appeared to have been taken to deliberately hide all of the ink stains on the seats and any other cosmetic issues with the plane. & THE BIGGEST RED FLAG... The maintenance was claimed to be all up to date, but not by anyone that works on Flight Design Aircraft. Obviously I am not very smart... I bought the plane anyway. A big shout out to @Tom Baker for taking this basket case under his wing & fixing all of the neglected items. I think the only thing he didn’t do is rebuild the engine or repack the chute. Other than that, the plane was completely gone through. Thank you Tom... Everything now works as it should & the plane flies MUCH better than when it arrived at your shop... I spent more than I planned to, but the value of your knowledge is priceless. Had the previous owner used a knowledgeable shop like yours, this plane would have been in much better condition & it would have probably been a lower dollar amount spent over the course of years. Deferred maintenance is the most expensive maintenance there is. Best of all, I have confidence that the plane I’m flying is safe. Dan
  10. I owned #1232, a 2002 SR20. Purchased it new & sold it last September. I really miss that plane. It is a lot more plane than the CTSW I bought. Even if I wanted to go back to the Cirrus, Im not sure I could replace my SR20. I had owned it from birth & meticulously maintained it & upgraded it. However, I have access to another plane that is a lot better for travel than either plane. With that in mind, the CT is a lot of fun for putting around, & it’s MUCH less expensive to operate than the SR20. The maintenance cost on my SR20 would have allowed me to buy my CT every 5 years & then throw it away. Also, I don’t think you’ll find an SR20 under 100k unless the engine is run out & in need of repair. A io-360es is about 60k installed. If you do decide to go SR20.... Be sure it has the STec 55 autopilot & not the STec30. You can upgrade the 55 fairly reasonably, but the 30 is quite expensive to swap over to a DFC90. If you’d like to talk Cirrus, send me a message & I’d be happy to walk you through the good & the bad. Also, join COPA!!... You’ll save your subscription cost many times over, every year
  11. You said “I was looking to purchase a 120 knots+, BRS equipped, 2 seater+, easy maintenance, reliable, winter heat and car gas engine under $ 100,000.00”..... I didn’t do a lot of research before buying my CTSW, so please excuse my lack of knowledge. I thought Flight Design was about the only plane that would meet those specs... I’d be interested to know what other aircraft you considered.?
  12. I’m happy with Clarity Aloft too. I've not tried the Halos but might give them a shot next time around. Thanks for the review.
  13. I received mine today Al... it looks like a quality build. My plane is in for service right now, but I’ll be able to check the fit in a week or so. Thank you!
  14. My regular insurance agent got a better deal for me than Wings could... Disclaimer*** he is a very good friend of mine, but I have no personal interest in his business. I’d be happy to share his company info via PM. $1400 in sept 2020. No CTSW time, 1200 hours, commercial multi-engine instrument, ... no mentor time, 60k hull value, 5000 per passenger, 1m each occurrence, 100k per person.
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