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  1. Snow no way, I am glad I made the trip instead of staying home. I am sure I wouldn’t have gotten this sunburn sitting around northeast ohio:)
  2. Do you still own the ct you bought during flight training? If so what airport do you keep it?
  3. Here is a couple pictures of the orange one.
  4. Glen are you staying overnight? If so perhaps tomorrow afternoon I could swing by and see your plane
  5. I stopped by there a few times in hopes the owner would be CD around so I could chat a little about the plane.
  6. 4RJN

    2007 ctsw

    I really appreciate the input so far. This is going to be my first plane so I obviously do not know much. I have been considering and saving money for several years but now that I am getting close to having enough I am getting inpatient. I know that is not a great thing so I will continue to keep my ears and mind open to people that have been through it. Thanks, Rod
  7. Looks like they are only 1 hour away so I guess I am lucky:)
  8. 4RJN

    2007 ctsw

    Thanks for the input. I have been in contact with Steve the owner of the one you linked to. If I had the extra money right now I would definitely check that one out but sadly I just don't have that much money right now. I guess I will continue to save. Thanks again you were very helpful. Take Care, Rod
  9. Hi All, I see that there is a 2007 ctsw on trade a plane and I was wondering if anyone had gone to look at it. In particular I am really curious why it hasn't been sold since I see it has been on there for a long time, has low hours, and a reasonable price. Any thoughts would be welcome. Thanks Rod
  10. No I wasn't, so thanks I will look into it.
  11. Hi looking for a CFI that could help me earn my sport pilot license in my ctsw in northeast Ohio. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Rod
  12. Hello everyone, I have been searching for a CTLS but not really finding the RIGHT one. If anyone knows of a plane for sale that isn't listed on the regular "for sale sites" please let me know. Thanks and have a wonderful day/evening!
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