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  1. I hear what most of you are saying about the cost, I thought long and hard about spending this kind of money on my plane. I couldn't purchase a new plane without getting a loan (which I didn't want to do) so this will be my last plane, that made the decision a lot easier. I started with 1 HDX and the auto pilot. Of course I then wanted the additional engine information so I added the EMS. I needed ads-b... Just kept adding one more thing to the list.
  2. If you have room on your panel, these panel doc's work good. http://airgizmos.3dcartstores.com/Panel-Docks_c_1.html
  3. I thought that was funny when I saw it. This picture was the 1st picture taken at Thrust, we corrected this before flight. 🙂
  4. They were cut and the right side which used to angle toward the pilot was flattened out.
  5. I updated my 2006 FD CTSW ELSA N920WZ panel. Dual 10” SkyView HDX Display’s. I added autopilot and went with 100% Dynon components, intercom, radio, transponder, ADAHRS and EMS. I kept the Garmin G5 for backup. I have a carbon fiber guy at a nearby airport who did the work for the ap servos. Thrust Avionics at Addison airport, Tx created the panel and completed the installation. Panel Pic’s https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvhAyESI7_tek1KqFQVp3vbd2Izb?e=XV35N1 Servo installation Pic’s https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvhAyESI7_tek1NMljnvPLO1ASTJ?e=Xmykaf
  6. If we are getting new computers and airbox, does it help with the hard starts or will you still need the soft start modules?
  7. Does anyone know what the difference is between an experimental light sport (ELSA) and an experimental air plane. (For this purpose) Both are piloted by certificated pilots. (Flying in conditions they were trained for) Both can be maintained by the owner/operator. Both require the same annual inspection. Why are they wanting to limit one and not the other?
  8. Made my reservations today, they are back in business.
  9. kentuckynet the person I worked with in san antonio is Fowles, Thomas C. Aviation Safety Inspector (Airworthiness) (210) 308-3303 Steve.
  10. Roger: That is good info from Edsel. (I don't think I'm going to tell my friend, he tried to get the FAA to not assign the 5 hours). Page AZ coincides with the Reklaw Tx fly-in. I will do Reklaw this year and planning on Page AZ for next year. Steve Moliterno. 8T8 - San Antonio
  11. I had my ct converted to elsa in May 2010. Here is what I went through. Only a few DAR's can do this conversion. You will get it done quicker with the DAR, but they will charge you. The FSDO will do it for free, but you are on their timetable, this is not a high priority for them. I used the FSDO, It took several weeks to get an appointment to complete this process. Converting an S-LSA to E-LSA: If you are the owner of an S-LSA aircraft, and wish to change it to an E-LSA (in accordance with 14 CFR 21.191(i)(3)), the following steps must be completed: Complete a new 8130-6 (Application for Airworthiness Certificate.. Example attached) Create a Program letter. (See FAA Order 8130-2F, page 221 for an example) When I went to the FSDO to complete the task, they wanted me to bring. My air airworthiness certificate for the airplane and current flight restrictions. (These will be turned in and you will get a complete new set for elsa) My aircraft/Engine log books showing the aircraft is current. They also wanted to see in the log book where I completed the last AD. I printed the page from Flight Design showing all the aircraft & Engine service bulletins, which ones applied to my plane and the dates of completion. (He only looked up the last one in my book). We went through the paperwork to verify is was all correct. He gave me my new airworthiness certificate & flight restrictions (One significant difference when you are elsa, you can no longer fly over heavily populated areas as an experimental aircraft). Before you go to your appointment, ask what they would like you to bring just to be on the safe side. A friend of my who went elsa ended up with a 5 hour phase I flight restriction of 100 miles. You will need to placard your aircraft. Where to put the "Experimental" sticker, I found this in "45.23(" I hope this helps Steve Moliterno. 8T8 - San Antonio
  12. I have also wondered about the static port and asi. Mine was delivered with the dam facing backwards. I had Roger turn it around 180 degrees to see what would happen and I ended up with erratic air speed. I was getting 40 knots idling on the ground. I had the port turned facing back again. I tested my air speed with 2 of my friends and found my asi was reporting 5 knots slow at 80, 95 and 105 knots(my friends could not fly any faster, I like the ct). My asi was tested when I had my transponder tested, the asi was accurate to 1/4 knot at 130 knots isolated from the system. When I disconnected the static port from the back of my asi I got back the 5 knots I was missing. My static port is right below my feet in the storage compartment, yours may be different. I would be interested if anyone else who has verified their air speed was off has tried this test. Freedom
  13. I have two I use, ForeFlight from AOPA for my android phone. Pilot My-Cast for my phone.
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