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  1. Thanks. I'll keep my eye open. I'm expecting an answer Monday on another possibility.
  2. Looking for used door handle for FD CTSW in good condition. Both sides identical as far as I can tell. Knob not needed.
  3. The leaf springs are glider parts. I don't' know about the block and coil springs. Can you change to the leaf type? https://wingsandwheels.com/aircraft-parts/canopies.html Otherwise call Tom Gutman, Jr at Airtime Aviation and see if he has any used one.
  4. Kathryn's Report has a suitably juicy entry. http://www.kathrynsreport.com/2021/05/cirrus-sr22-gts-g5-carbon-n416dj-and.html
  5. I updated both D1000 yesterday. After 1st screen got red Xs on it, after second screen both sides seem normal.
  6. It sounds like you did enough research to support an LOA. Did you apply for one and if so what was the result?
  7. Roger, why don't you provide Flight Design with this info and get an LOA so it's legal? It is odd to me that you talk so strongly about liability, yet you assume it yourself and advise others on this forum to take actions such as use non-approved parts that could place liabiltiy on the forum readers. How can you sign a logbook saying you followed FD or Rotax manuals when you use a non-standard part with no LOA?
  8. When you sell your plane, will you advertise it or allow it to be understood as SLSA? Do you log the non-OEM equipment in the appropriate logs? Or is it caveat emptor?
  9. If one doesn't agree with the rules, one can go ELSA as I and many other have.
  10. It's black and white. There are standards and protocols and ways to deal with needs for exceptions in maintaining SLSA. The alternative is ELSA with more flexibility. Trying to meet the letter of the law for SLSA without using SLSA protocols finds us justifying, explaining, excusing, rationalizing and so forth but still wrong. We set ourselves up to be the authority when we do that. When others look to us for guidance or perspective and we offer non-SLSA alternatives to an SLSA issue, we support others breaking the rules. Many find the need to choose between SLSA and ELSA conflicting. They want to have their SLSA cake and eat it with an ELSA fork. The Part 91 tradition of aircraft maintenance is keep it flying and minimal expense. A&Ps would apply their rationale to the fitness of various materials and procedures. "Oh, that hose will last till next annual". There is tremendous pressure for SLSA owners to find mechanics who will apply that same "let it slip by" standard but the rules are different. Hence the conflict. Of course this is all very easy to say. It is also very easy to do. Except when we don't like it.
  11. What factory and what product? What manufacturer - the hose manufacturer? I don't suppose the hose manufacture does care. We see too much selective discussion of what takes an LOA and what does not. I believe many people "don't care" but if the issue is only some rules really apply, then how does the forum reader know which rules? So he changes his SL40 out for an SL30 - hey! what difference does it make? We use Ace Hardware for nuts and bolts. We use non-OEM, off-size hose because it's cheaper and "close enough". What's the big deal? (asked with sarcasm in case it didn't come through).
  12. I understand that everyone is expressing heart-felt understandings and beliefs, but it sure would be nice if posts could include or cite names, places, times, documents and so forth. Otherwise, it turns into "trust me". When we talk about maintenance procedures, our work should be able to be cross-checked and reproduced. We're all human and we're all subject to selective recollection or understanding, especially in an emotional discussion. If it comes down to "trust me", we are really dealing with personalities and not facts. I think I recall very few of my "show the source" inquiries answered. Not answering them is answering them. If a poster is forced to say, "I heard it at school" or I heard it at an IA refresher course" it would be better if one could say about when, about where, the instructor if remember, etc.
  13. I have a question about the discussion over industry standards and best practice in such examples as the hose and barb we are discussing here. The FAA has said that SLSA manufacturers can call certain maintenance shots. If the manufacturer has used, calls out and provides parts and materials that many would not consider acceptable, where does one stand in challenging that position? FD sells airplanes with barbed fittings and rubber hose. These aircraft are reviewed by European regulatory bodies using published standards the FAA defers to. What right does one have to argue that because some people think an item is less than optimal, that this perspective overrides the guidelines of the manufacturer who has to face the regulatory bodies? It seems to me there is probably some basic way in how to resolve these apparent conflicts. Does anyone have history or can site precedent for how this dilemma is resolved?
  14. Roger, Who in FAA legal, or what document? I'd like to see it, as well. Thanks. Did you or did you not get an LOA to change hose part numbers? If not, what is your basis for the change if you get sued by someone who has a leaky fitting which is involved in an accident or incident? I mean, if there is a problem and someone says, "who put this hose on here and on what authority" in court, what do you say? As Tom say, the correct hose is available. How does one defend a change unless there is an LOA?
  15. Roger, did you have get an LOA from RD to us the 5/16" hose? I know you do extensive documentation on your work, do you write in the aircraft log that you changed from 7.5 mm OEM hose to a non-standard 5/16" hose per LOA, or do you just note the hose change without specifying it's a different dimension? There is often discussion in SLSA circles over what original part the owner or mechanic can change on an SLSA on his own and what needs an LOA and I'm wondering about your experience with this. I'd think a fuel line would be an item of interest to everyone.
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